From the creators of Luther, Crossbones follows a fictionalized story of the pirate Blackbeard, who rules a secret pirate island in the Caribbean. The series is based on Collin Woodward's book, The Republic of Pirates and stars John Malkovich as Blackbeard and Richard Coyle as a spy for the British Navy.

Ryan was responsible in aiding composer, Mateo Messina on the score for Crossbones by orchestrating, programing, and producing the music. All of the music was written and produced in five weeks (about 400 minutes of music). All tracks below were programmed and produced by Ryan Lester.

Episode 1, "Visions & Poisons"

Episode 4, "Nenna's Larceny"

Episode 7, "Ten Guineas Bounty"

Ryan Lester is an internationally performed composer of music for film, television, games, and the concert stage.